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2015 Conference on ERM in the Insurance Industry

2015 Conference on ERM in the Insurance Industry

Per the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) directive, this is a press release from the FSC Insurance Bureau sponsor, and the Taiwan Insurance Institute (TII) organizer, together with the Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Fund, the Taiwan Residential Earthquake Insurance Fund, and the Taiwan Insurance Guarantee Fund. We are pleased to announce the “2015 Conference on ERM in the Insurance Industry” which will take place on September 23 and 24. This conference has become one of the insurance industry’s much anticipated yearly events. All of the previous sessions have received widespread acclaim with events filled to capacity, and we are now holding the fifth conference. This year, to correspond to the FSC guidance and in light of diverse methods and newly developing risks emerging, we have a new theme for the conference, “New Era of Risk Detection & Management”.

This year, from the United States and Japan we have two government supervisory officials, Peter Hartt and Takashi Hamano who will give an international perspective in the “Group Risk” and “Systemic Risk” sessions, respectively. By looking at ERM corresponding supervision methods from other countries, Taiwan’s FSC can better develop correlated standards and regulations. Recently in vogue, a newly developing risk issue will be presented by Joe Hsieh in the “Cyber Risk” session on ways to counter network risks. To investigate insurance industry risk awareness and risk preventative measures the important relevant items will be covered by Philipp Keller and Don Tang. These two experts will lead from theory to practice in the “Model Risk” and “Credit Risk” sessions, respectively. Finally, we have invited Raymond Cheung to discuss practical cases to explain ERM in a session called “Successes and Failures of ERM”. By use of examples, his session will help lead the insurance industry towards ways to understand, influence and take part in ERM implementation.

Organizers hope that all participants will be fully involved in this carefully planned conference, and whether at the level of the FSC in developing relevant industry norms, or execution of practical ideas, will find the event most helpful.