Press Release


TII Hosts the 2018 East Asia Pacific Insurance Forum on 29 August 2018

The Taiwan Insurance Institute (TII) hosted the East Asia Pacific Insurance Forum 2018 at Chang Yung-Fa Foundation International Convention Center on 29 August 2018. Around 300 participants including speakers and executives of the insurance institutes and companies from Japan, Korea and Taiwan attended the Forum.


TII, GIIJ and KIDI are long term MOU partners with cordial friendship. TII signed MOU with GIIJ and KIDI on 26 May 2009 and 2 February 2012 respectively. The Forum is designed to enhance the cooperation among insurance industries in three markets through sharing training resources. TII in conjunction with GIIJ and KIDI have invited experts from Japan, Korea and Taiwan to share experiences and expertise with each other.


The theme of the Forum has been developed as “Collaborating to Create a Better Future”, and this Forum will discuss common issues among the three insurance industries, including overseas market expansion, insurance fund allocation, InsurTech and concrete measures to deal with the risk-affecting society. Topics for the discussion sessions include New Niches and Their Advancement in the Asian Insurance Market, Regulatory Reflections on InsurTech, New Approaches in Insurers’ Investment Strategy and The Strategy for the Risk-Affecting Society.


Speakers of the Forum from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan shared their insight, expertise and experience on various leading issues in the field of insurance. The participants also had pleasant discussion with each other. The Forum successfully built up a mechanism for the interaction among GIIJ, KIDI and TII. Through this Forum, it is hoped that the insurance industries in the East Asia Pacific region could get together to create a better future.