Press Release


2019 Conference on Building Financial Inclusion for Microinsurance- Driver of Growth

Access of insurance service has become one of the most important international issue in the 21st century. Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) released regulations on expanding microinsurance policy in July 2009, July. Since then, microinsurance not only has being promoted and encouraged, but inter-agency cooperation has been put together to increase the protective umbrella of microinsurance.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of introducing microinsurance, Taiwan Insurance Institute (TII), under the guidance of FSC, hosted the 2019 Conference on Building Financial Inclusion for Microinsurance on 31st October 2019. The conference was held at Chang Yung-Fa Foundation International Convention Center and invited around 160 guests and representatives of central government, local governments, charity groups, and even insurance industry

The Vice Chairman Dr. Tien Mu Huang of FSC- and the Vice Chairman Iwan Nawi of Council of Indigenous Peoples made welcome speeches. The speakers of this conference include domestic government officials and industry representatives; international speakers are secretary general of A2ii and officials of financial authorities of southeast Asia countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. The theme of the conference is Driver of Growth. It targets on the developing of microinsurance, applying financial inclusion and completing the social security net. It is expected that the conference would be a platform for Asia insurance industry in promoting financial inclusion to ensure the basic protection and welfare of the social public.