2013 Taiwan Insurance Excellent Performance


Taiwan Insurance Institute is the organizer of the Taiwan Insurance Excellent Performance Award, the Award serves as a competition platform that drives insurers to spur breakthrough innovation and commit to protect consumers’ rights, corporate social responsibility and sustainable business, and it aims to encourage insurance companies to create a bigger future for the industry together.


  • The Fifth Taiwan Insurance Excellent Performance Award was held in 2013. To encourage more engagement from the insurers, The Fifth Award was expanded to include 12 team awards, increasing by two-folds from previous time. The competition was keen; a total of 36 insurance enterprises pitched 124 submissions to compete. 54 submissions were nominated; 9 insurance companies were awarded with gold trophies through 23 winning submissions; and 16 insurance companies were awarded silver trophies through 31 winning submissions. Lifetime Achievement Award under personal award category was presented to Professor Shih, Wen-Sen.

Event Photos