Board of Directors

TII Organizational Chart

  • Research Department:

    all insurance-related researches include IFRS 4,EU Solvency II, emerging issues, supervisory policy formation and etc.

  • Actuarial Department:

    a specialized Unit of Statistics and Actuarial Service for life and non-life insurances, research and regular rate review on CALI, researches related with life insurance products and reserve adequacy, promotion and review over the liberalization movement of non-life insurance premium-rates; insurance supervisory database.

  • Information Technology Department:

    establishment of the Taiwan e-Insurance Signature (TeIS) platform, CALI Information Processing Center.

  • Education and Training Department:

    in-service training, conferences, licensing and certification

  • International Department:

    international cooperation, information search on international insurance market

  • Administration Department:

    administration and human resource management

  • Accounting Department:

    accounting and financial affairs


  • Hsien-Nung Kuei


  • Thomas Y.H. Chang, Deputy Director General, Insurance Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
  • Lan-Chun Chen, Director, Insurance Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
  • Patrick S. Lee, Chairman, Non-Life Insurance Association of the R.O.C.
  • JinShu Lin, Secretary General, Life Insurance Association of the R.O.C.
  • Yin Hua Yeh, Professor, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
  • Kuan-Chun Johnny Chang, Professor, CTBC Business School
  • Meng-Ping Yang, Professor, Department of Accounting, Soochow University
  • Jeremy Kan,President,Taiwan Insurance Institute