Future Outlooks

TII has been a highly professional insurance research center in Taiwan since it was established. In our aim to contribute to the development of Taiwan’s insurance industry, we have targeted the following areas of research focus:

  1. To construct a database for reference in the plan to establish a Rating Bureau.
  2. To assist insurers to strengthen their capacity in long-term asset management and planning of pension products.
  3. To build the planning of an insurer exit mechanism.
  4. To research on Mainland China’s insurance market in order to promote information exchange and interaction across the strait.
  5. To help regulators to improve the insurance product approval system.
  6. To review and study taxation treatments on financial products.
  7. To strengthen the RBC system as well as other regulatory mechanisms.
  8. To review and amend insurance accounting standards in Taiwan in preparation for adoption of international financial reporting standards.
  9. To enhance the complaint filing mechanism to better protect consumer rights.
  10. To research and make a plan on natural catastrophe insurance system.